Conscious Leadership

Whether are are currently in a leadership role or you to desire to be in one, a leader is someone who isn’t afraid to look in the mirror and ask, “How am I co-creating this outcome?” We must own our part in the way we show up everyday to the task of  The true measure of leadership is not the authority you command or the fear you instill. Your success as a leader is dependent on the success of the people you manage and how your presence trained them for the future. Will they succeed when you aren’t there to guide them? How you teach someone shouldn’t be the same across the board. This is an old fashioned approach. Being a leader means you ebb and flow, you dance with each partner with their abilities. Can you meet them where they are and see their unmet skills?

Amy helped me realize that I wanted to move into a leadership role. Before we talked, I was feeling stuck and powerless in my career and was actually questioning my own abilities. She opened my eyes to a pattern I kept repeating – I was so unaware. I am now in a manager role and couldn’t be happier. If you are currently a manager or striving to be, Amy is a terrific resource.